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I'm thinking about Christmas gifts Write a stylish letter to Santa at the VOLO and send it by e-mail. You can edit the letter continuously even after it is sent.
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We are getting married Make a list of wedding gifts. You will only receive gifts that really suit you. Thanks to online reservation you will not get the same gift 2x Edit the list continuously. Save time and be surprised.
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We are expecting a baby Whether you like it or not, family and friends will start giving you gifts. Advise them on what you really need. Write a baby wishlist and share it with your family. Thanks to online reservation, you will not receive 20 t-shirts of size 50.
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I'm a parent Do you prefer smart toys to a ringing model of a mobile phone? Make a list of toys that will please you and your child. Distribute the list to the family before Christmas and birthday. You don't need to be affraid of 2 same gifts, thanks to gift reservation system
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Birthday is coming Create your wishlist and share it with family and friends. Fill in the specific link. Upload an image. Add to your browser VOLO button
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Inspiration for gifts Write down great gift ideas for your loved ones as soon as they come to mind. Take a look at a friend's wish-list Wishlist's owner will not see your reservations
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Shopping list
Minimize time spent in the store by automatically sorting items on your shopping list. Share a single online shopping list for the entire household
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Why use VOLO

  • Receive the gifts you really desire

    Write down your wishes throughout the year. Only your friends will see them. Write a letter to Santa online..

  • Give better gifts

    Write down ideas for ideal gifts for your loved ones as soon as you come up with them, or get inspired by their wish list.

  • Two identical gifts in one celebration?

    Nothing like that can happen with VOLO. Each of your friends will choose one specific gift you desire and you will not lose any surprises. An ideal helper for wedding guests. You don't have to worry about getting 3 washing machines...

  • Save time and stress

    Why wander around the city on your friend's birthday and look for a suitable gift when you can look at VOLO and choose with confidence?

  • Blacklist gifts

    Are you getting a fragrance for the fifth time in a row? Do you already have so many that you can almost open your own perfumery? Let the family know sensitively that you have had enough of the fragrance. Put the fragrance on the list of gifts you no longer need.

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Our satisfied users say about us

  • Our family is scattered throughout many cities. Thanks to VOLO, we know what anyone needs right now. Thank you.

    Martina T., Blansko
  • I am a beginning email user, born earlier. This Christmas I met your service for the first time. I can say it's a great idea. I have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. So far, I have given gifts in the form of cash. This year it will be partly a surprise for everyone. You are really proficient, thank you.

  • Dear VOLO, thanks to you I am the best friend under the sun. I "remember" all the wishes of my dear half. Better said, I immediately write them down to my cell phone. When D-day comes, I know exactly what to buy, including the sizes, which is a closed book for me, by the way.

    Petr, Praha
  • Oh yeah! That's what I needed. Over the years, I've seen so many things that would please me, and when my mother asked me what I wanted before Christmas, I didn't remember anything. Now I'm honestly writing it all down, and even if I only get a fraction of the gifts on the list, they will be gifts that are sure to please me.

    David, Liberec
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